How does COVID-19 ‘Corona Virus’ transform Chinese technology?

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Although the spread of a new strain of COVID-19 in China causing millions of people to be stuck in the house and damage to many industries. But in this crisis, OG Global Access Limited with Fun88 sees that there are still opportunities for the technology sector as well.

For people who are only in the house to avoid getting infected with the virus, this situation has completely changed the way you make good use of Chinese technology. High-tech companies need to find creative strategies for serving consumers that previously preferred going to public events, such as going to the gym or going to the cinema.

But now they have to change their behavior and turn to try more virtual services online during the past month since the outbreak of a new strain of the coronavirus. China’s technology has undergone a big change and many services that are online.

Top online game players is spilling

If anyone is wondering what people are bored of staying at home with, what they do every day, the answer may not be surprising… “play games”

In fact, online businesses and games like OG Global Access Limited are so popular that there are overflowing players such as “Game for Peace” or PUBG on a brand new mobile version in China. And is also one of the most popular games from Tencent.

Luo Zhang, a secondary school teacher in Shandong province East China says she normally uses a smartphone for 3 hours of work per day. But during the Chinese New Year holiday, the government announced the extension from 24-30 Jan to 24 Jan-2 Feb. She uses a smartphone for at least 8 hours a day because everyday life is very boring. Most people get away from stress by playing games. And if students see that she is online, they invite her to play together.

As the trend of moving online on various products and services is hot, analysts from Bernstein Research view that internet and logistics companies in China are a few businesses that receive benefits since the virus has spread, all products and services have turned online.

In addition, revealed the analyst from Sino Link Company. Security is expected only on January 24, which is the day before Chinese New Year, “Honor of Kings”, the most popular mobile game of Tencent, should not have low incomes. More than 2,000 million yuan outpaced all Chinese mobile gaming revenue in Apple and Android OF OG Global Fun88 apps throughout the Chinese New Year 2017.

While movie showtimes and other outdoor activities have been canceled in the last 2-3 weeks. Which includes the biggest esports tournament in the country of the dragon but Chinese gamers spend more time with their favorite activities. One game that has received particular attention in this period is the epidemic strategy game like “Plague Inc.”

The 8-year-old game has become the most expensive application in the iOS system in China due to the deadly virus spread around the world. Some players have turned to revive the plague skill in the game “World of Warcraft” (World of Warcraft) that can kill a large number of players. But that’s just an event in the virtual world.

However, although the OG Global Access Limited,  Fun88 and gaming industry have benefited enormously from the outbreak of the coronavirus. But both the gaming company and the players haven’t forgotten to donate to help stop the virus. Many Chinese technology companies pledge to raise millions of yuan. And donate medical equipment or even computer systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and algorithms for researching virus genetic codes.