5 tips for businesses to survive during Covid-19 crisis

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In the last few months, the daily life and behavior of people have changed dramatically because of Covid 19. Of course, it affects the marketing of all kinds of products that have to change their strategies accordingly during this period.

Most people are more careful in living life, they follow social distancing measures, receive reliable media both from TV and the internet, including doing entertaining activities such as playing games, watching movies and series to relieve stress from the situations.

Staying in the house and refraining from traveling cause new behaviors. In the purchase of consumer products that previously had to travel to buy at the supermarket, it has changed to ordering products online, using less cash, etc. These are the reasons why OG Global Access Limited thinks that business owners should know the informative tips to survive in this pandemic time.

1.Being service-mind and sincere to your customers

The epidemic of Covid-19 is considered as a time of crisis. The nature of the human mind is naturally fragile at this time. Therefore, businesses should show sympathy and understanding of the difficult times of customers as we can see that many brands began to announce services and campaigns, or even give away their own products for free to people who are in need.

Keep in mind that the campaigns and/or services to launch should match your business and situation. It’s completely wrong to be too commercial or your targets will turn to competitors.


2.Communicate quickly and appropriately 

During this period, customer marketing communication is the most important thing. Therefore, the company must work quicker to meet the needs of customers. This also applies to all visualization, for example; brand’s logo, slogan and advertisement.

In addition, choosing to advertise in various channels is also important. During this time, most people stay at home, online advertisement with the right frequency would be the best option. 


3.Create a good memory

In times of crisis like this, people will remember companies that do good things. Helping society through difficult times, such as donating money to help the needy, giveaway of necessary things, paying salaries to employees even though they are unable to work.

Many places around the world, such as Ford, GE, and 3M, have collaborated to produce masks and protective equipment for medical personnel. Diageo and AB InBev, alcohol manufacturers changed the factory to help produce alcohol gels during times of shortage. 


4.Updated consumer behavior regularly

Monitoring of the current situation and updating consumer behavior are still necessary, whether during normal times or crisis. On Social Media, online shopping websites, including digital communities like Facebook and Instagram, to see what type of products people need to communicate the right message to consumers and find the opportunity to sell your  products as much as possible.


5.Keep working, even when changing work methods

During this time, every business is affected by the Covid-19 situation. Inevitably OG Global Fun88 believes that sometimes it can be severe to the point that you cannot continue working. Therefore, the company should choose to adjust the work style before the problems become more unresolved. Especially the preparation for employees from home, which now has tools to help facilitate tasks such as file sharing, meetings, teamwork even employees are not at the office.

Executives or supervisors must work closely with people in other departments including marketing, sales, customer service, management, and others. Corporate to work with a good speed as the needs of consumers have changed dramatically in this situation.